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Homeschool Supermom... Not! Journal: Come to the Garden



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Come to the Garden: A Notebooking Journal to Homeschool Supermom... Not!

   by Alta Andraeas

I am so excited about this book! As I was writing "Homeschool Supermom... Not!," I couldn't help but think how helpful it would be for other moms to journal their way through the lessons they were learning (it certainly helped me!). Now, one of my editors just happened to be my mom, Alta. In reading through "Homeschool Supermom...NOT!" she called me and said, "Susan, you really need to create a journal to go along with your book." "I know," I responded, "but I just don't have the time...Hey! Mom, why don't YOU do it?" And thus, this journal was born. "Come to the Garden" is the journal/Bible study designed specifically to accompany the book, "Homeschool Supermom...NOT!" Written by my mom, a godly older woman, this journal is designed to help you dig deeper into the Bible alongside the lessons you are learning in Supermom. Each chapter in the journal corresponds with a chapter in Supermom. Author Alta Andraeas has added stories and lessons of her own to the many questions taken from the side bars of Supermom and from the "Homework for the Soul" assignments at the end of each chapter, further enriching your studies. All of the Scripture references used in Supermom are included (with space for journaling) in "Come to the Garden". Many of the charts from the "Supermom" book are also included in the journal for easy reference. "Come to the Garden" is a delightful guide that helps you to invite the Holy Spirit to do His sanctifying work in your heart. This Bible Study and companion journal, by God's grace, will change your homeschool and your life!

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