History and Geography

History and geography is always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing!

History is, to me, absolutely fascinating and exciting, and completely sobering.  The last thing you want to do is to take the amazing story of God and His work among His people, and relegate it to a dusty, dry text book.  Yuck!  History should be like a good movie - full of suspense and excitement, wonderful lessons learned, inspiring heroes, and pointing us back to God and His sovereignty.  It is, after all, His story.  Keep your homeschool history and geography alive and exciting.  The history and geography curriculum listed here appeals to a wide variety of styles and ages.  Spend some time browsing through this section to find exactly the program you are looking for to spark your homeschool students' love of history and geography.  Click here for an easy-to-use chart that compares all our history programs at a glance.  We've also included samples on each TruthQuest product page.  Be sure to check them out!