H. A. Guerber

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Awarded a Cathy Duffy top 100 Picks award, these lovely volumes were originally published in the late 1800’s as an accompaniment to the Eclectic Reading Series. Still popular today, these reprints of the H.A. Guerber classics are written in charming language and truly are interesting. Beautifully illustrated throughout with famous paintings of its historical subjects, and photographs of the places it describes. The covers, reproductions of masterpieces, are a feast for the eyes. Maps are presented throughout the text to help make the text even more clear and relevant for your students. A complete timeline of the events and persons mentioned in the text, a comprehensive Recommended Reading list keyed to the chapters, and a thorough bibliography and index rounds out the book. These are the kind of books that your students will enjoy diving into. These can be used as spine books for TruthQuest. We are not allowed by the publisher to discount these books.

Written for Grade Levels 4 - 9

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