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Science kits are always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing!

Universe of Science Chemistry Kits  

Each kit comes in a plastic tub and contains the “ingredients” for as many as 15 experiments with enough to repeat the experiments over and over as well. Each kit also comes with a booklet (approximately 25 pages) with step-by-step instructions, as well as science definitions, explanations of the chemical reactions, and further instructions for how to use household ingredients to do even more experiments. I thought these would be your typical do-it-just-once-and-kiss-your-money-goodbye type kits, but that’s not what we got! Combined with the teaching materials (included) these are fabulous and fun supplements to make your homeschool chemistry come alive.  Suitable for grades 6-12. Some chemicals may be allergens.

Other Science Kits:

We have other wonderful science kits for your budding forensic scientist, chemist, archeologist, and more - complete in handy little storage containers.  These make wonderful gifts for homeschooled kids who are fascinated with discovering God's amazing creation.

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