Straight Forward Math

Straight Forward Math books by Garlic Press are always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing!

Garlic Press Straight Forward Math

I first heard about these wonderful skill-specific math books from a friend who happens to be a special-education consultant. She said these books were designed for kids with learning challenges, so she recommends this series to clients. However, I haven’t found anywhere in their literature or on their website where this is mentioned. I’m just telling you so that you are aware that you might find these books helpful if you are remediating your student. In the meantime, they are great supplements for any student who happens to get “stuck” somewhere along the way. The publisher says this about their grade-free books:

 “Our materials can be used across a very wide spectrum—children, adults, ...remediation, homeschooling. To limit our books to a label of age or grade slights many outside any designated age or grade who can also use the books. Pursuing the wide spectrum of our publications, Garlic Press refrains from insulting learners with needless graphic frills or cutesy illustrations.”

I love that philosophy, don’t you! Because Straight Forward Math books are skill-specific, rather than grade-specific, you can easily place your student exactly where he needs to be. Each book is systematic, starting with diagnosing your student’s skill level, then providing practice of those skills. Books include review and tests as well. Garlic Press describes them like this:

 “They tend to be no-nonsense, straightforward presentations. No frills, no cute pictures, no minimal text or minimal practice on a page. These are serious books which teach to mastery. Perfect for on-level students, homeschoolers, older learners needing to refresh skills, or progressive self-learners.”

 Priced so inexpensively, you can easily and frugally bring your child up to speed on all his math skills whether he is in elementary or high school.