Educational and Family DVD's

Educational and family (Christian) DVD's are always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing!

Movie night:  A favorite activity at our home is to curl up together (with popcorn and hot chocolate, of course) to watch movies.  You can so easily enhance your homeschool curriculum by throwing in an occasional educational movie (from a Christian perspective).  Pack some educational and family DVD's when you go on vacation for those rainy evenings - and count it as school!  When the flu bug raises its ugly head during the school year, you can redeem those days by parking your little patients in front of a good movie.  If you have a family with a wide variety of ages, movie watching is a great way of including everyone.  We've enjoyed the movies listed in this section and watch them again and again.  They make great gifts as well for every age from the very young to the very old.  While building your homeschool library, don't forget to build your movie library as well!