About our company

We're homeschooling right alongside you!

Schoolhouse Publishing Discount Homeschool Supply Store has been in business since 1999.  We are a family business, run by Dale and Susie Kemmerer, their parents (Gert and Alta Andraeas), and their kids. 

Schoolhouse Publishing started as a homeschool project.  We wanted to teach our kids entrepreneurship.  We started by selling a single curriculum:  Pennsylvania Keystones PA History.  One son created a catalog. Another son created a website.  A third son did the bookkeeping.  All of my sons have written or tested curriculum for our business, including Research in Increments (Michael), Apples Daily Spelling Drills (Christopher), The Log (Benjamin), Caution for Boys (Stephen), and Caution for Girls (Monica).  By the way, this entrepreneur project worked.  Two of our 5 adult children have gone on to have their own businesses.  (I love homeschooling!)

As Schoolhouse Publishing grew, our kids grew with it.  We've taken our business to state homeschool conventions all over this country, and our kids along with us.  We've had the pleasure and privilege of making friends with so many of you!  Through our business our one son (Dwayne) even met his wife!  Because our business is also our family, you'll find us or our kids answering the phone, right in the middle of math lesson, filling your orders, or manning our booth at the conventions. Our catalog features our homeschool stories and pictures...and you'll be delighted to find how much our experience in homeschooling is like yours.

We've homeschooled our own nine kids since 1989, and (Lord willing) we'll continue to homeschool until our last son graduates in 2022. Believe me when we say we know what you're going through as you homeschool.  Have a question?  Ask us!  We can help you!  Schoolhouse Publishing is dedicated to helping you craft a homeschool experience that will bless you and equip your kids for a future with purpose.  Schoolhouse Publishing carries the best in homeschool curriculum at deeply discounted prices.

Finally, but most importantly, Schoolhouse Publishing is a company owned and operated by Christians.  We love and serve our Savior, Jesus Christ, with our whole hearts and lives.  It is our hope that everything we do brings glory to Him - including the way we run this company.  It is our prayer that you will be blessed, equipped, and served well by our dedication to our Lord.  We fully believe that the way we operate Schoolhouse Publishing should be a reflection of our Christian witness.  May God be glorified!