Shurley English

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Shurley English establishes a rock-solid foundation in grammar for your students.  Although it leans heavily on teaching grammar, it also includes vocabulary, creative writing and study skills, making it a complete language arts curriculum. Materials for each grade level are sold in a kit package. A kit contains everything needed to teach one child for an entire school year. Each kit contains the following three items:

  1. Teacher's Manual: The teacher's manual is the heart of the program at every grade level.
    • There are five lessons per chapter. Each lesson opens with a planning box, which contains the lesson objectives.
    • The scripted lessons provide you with the exact words for the Question & Answer Flows, questioning strategies, and the teaching techniques that make this program consistent for all grade levels. The script is especially helpful for parents who are new to homeschooling or to Shurley English.
    • Each chapter can be finished in one week. A lesson takes approximately 20-45 minutes to complete.
    • Grammar, language skills, and writing are taught in each chapter.
  2. Student Workbook: Levels 1-6 use workbooks rather than traditional textbooks for children to practice and test their acquired knowledge and skills. Special emphasis is placed on parent-child interaction and performance.
    • Each workbook contains a Jingle Section, a Reference Section, a Practice Section, and a Test Section.
    • The Jingle Section contains all the jingles.
    • The Reference Section includes vocabulary words, guided practices, samples, guidelines, and charts.
    • The Practice Section provides extra practice on the various skills taught before the skills are tested.
    • The Test Section contains the tests for each chapter. Each test is divided into 4 basic areas: grammar, vocabulary, language skills, and a summary of things learned for the week
  3. Introductory CD (Audio): The introductory CD provides the jingles and the Question & Answer Flows for the Introductory Sentences found in the Teacher's Manual. The audio CD may be used
    • to demonstrate jingles and Question & Answer Flows to children.
    • as a resource for the parents.

Additional Student Workbooks and Practice Books are available. Teacher's Manuals are not sold separately from the kit.

My opinion:  Shurley is a wonderful program, definitely college prep.  I, personally, find it to be a little too level-specific for my multi-level homeschool.  It would be difficult for me to keep up with numerous levels.  Another concern is that it's a little confusing to use at first.  For example, for lesson one, the jingles are perhaps in the front of the book, vocab in the middle, and worksheets at the end.  All three need to be coordinated with the teacher materials and a separate practice book (optional).  They are all clearly laid out in the teacher book - but you can see why, if you have a number of students, this program might be a bit unwieldy.  However, if you are preparing your kids for college, and don't mind juggling different books, sections of books, and grade levels, this truly is the Cadillac of English grammar programs.

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