Bagatrix Software

Bagatrix Math software is always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing!

I am so excited about this product. For homeschool math, it's the best thing since sliced bread (and I'm not kidding)! This is NOT a new math curriculum. It is an electronic tutoring program that will work with whatever math program you are currently using in your homeschool! You don't have to throw away that expensive math program that everyone raved over but didn't work for you. Bagatrix will help make it work! Here's how it works: You load it onto your computer (requires Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/or Windows 7). Your student creates his own file. As he is working in his regular math book, if he finds a problem that he can't solve or doesn't understand, he simply types the problem into the computer. The computer then solves it for him, BUT it won't give him the answer. It gives him only the first step. If the student can see what the computer did without additional information, he can go onto the next step (which the computer will provide). If, however, your student still doesn't get it, he can click the icon in the corner (warning: it is a picture of a wizard), and it will give him instructions about how it arrived at that step. Within these written instructions are hilighted words (like "polynomial") that you can click on for a definition ("Gee, what's a polynomial? I'll just click here and find out!"). If your student STILL doesn't understand that step, you can click again for even further instruction (or restated instruction). Your student can do this for every step of a problem until the problem is solved! But, that's not all! The program can generate sample problems if your student needs more practice of a particular type of problem. It can create tests as well and track your student's progress! It's like having a math teacher right at your finger tips to do all the work for you in your homeschool!

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