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Before you begin your study of history, economics, and government, it's important to develop a model of how the world works. This model is explained in detail in the set of books called Uncle Eric's Model of How the World Works written by Richard J. Maybury, published by Bluestocking Press.  This series of books is well-written and interesting.  They are written as a series of letters from an uncle (Eric) to his nephew (Chris).  The assumption is that Chris has been writing questions about politics, economics, and worldviews to his uncle (though we don't see these letters).  My son Christopher particularly enjoyed these books.  Though I don't want to give the wrong impression, if you could picture Rush Limbaugh writing letters to his nephew, minus the arrogance, you at least get an idea of what these books are like.  Bluestocking Press's Uncle Eric Books are truly an interesting and thoughtful way to add the subjects of civics, economics, and worldviews to your homeschool studies.