Teaching to Read

Reading curriculum is always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing!

Nothing is more exciting than opening up the world of reading to your child...but it could likely prove to be the most frustrating thing you've ever done. The process, for my children, was much slower than I ever anticipated, forcing me to be extre-e-emely patient. Hence, I found I needed my savior to help me grow in that area! Some of my kids didn't learn to read until they were in 4th, 5th, or even 7th grades! But, when things finally connected and they "got it," that has to be among some of my favorite homeschool memories...worth every struggle, every frustrating lesson, and every tear cried (by both me and my students). The programs we offer here are among the ones I've used over the years. I have found each to be successful - especially for struggling readers who are easily distracted. I find it interesting to note that these are probably the most economically-priced programs on the market. It was not at all helpful for my boys to have all the bell-and-whistle distractions that drive up the prices (into the hundreds of dollars) of many of the reading programs out there. These easy-to-implement, gentle, thorough programs are wonderful!


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