Computer Science

Computer Science is available at Schoolhouse Publishing!

It's amazing that in just a few short decades, we have become totally dependent on computers.  I remember saying (less than 20 years ago) that computers were the dumbest thing yet that the American people have "fallen for."  I'm sure it was only 5 years ago that I said "I'll never shop on line; that's ridiculous."  Now, I own 2 computers (and run my business on one), we do much of our homeschooling (including research) on it, we pay bills, do banking, buy and sell, be entertained on, keep in contact with friends, and much more on the computer.  I can't imagine life without the computer!  All of that to say that it would be very good idea to give your student the gift of computer technology.  Check out the great computer science homeschool curriculum we have!

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