Mission Imperative! Creation or Evolution DVD Series and Curriculum

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Mission Imperative Creation or Evolution science curriculum:

This is my all-time favorite science curriculum.  (See the review on the product page for an explanation.) Mike Snavely presents the scientific logic behind the creation model. He presents the information so clear, it almost seems simple - but its not! Our 10th grade student was able to use the information from this book as a witnessing tool. There are approximately 40 lessons with worksheets, quizzes and tests, photos, diagrams and humorous cartoons. There is a separate workbook availablle at a reasonable price.

Mission Imperative Live Seminar DVD Series:

Filmed as a seminar before a live audience, Mike Snavely uses illustrations and props to make his points. He has also spliced in graphics to further enhance the professional quality of these DVD's. Mike Snavely teaches the science and logic behind the creation model thoroughly and often humorously. Produced for a high school audience, our whole family enjoys watching these videos!

#1 The Return to Genesis                    #5  Aunt Lucy?

#2 The Horror of the Flood                  #6  The Hunters and Hunted

#3 Mystery of the Dinosaurs                #7  Lost Secrets of the Ancient Civilizations

#4 The Pillars of Evolution


Also, just released in 2010!  The Grand Canyon: The Puzzle on the Plateau