Winston Grammar

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The Winston Grammar Program helps students understand the structure of language and comprehend the principles of traditional grammar. Have you ever asked your student, “What’s an adjective?” Their response: “Uh, I don’t know.” Do your kids prefer hands-on work? Then WG may be the program for you.  The Winston Grammar Program uses innovative means to achieve conventional ends. It does away with the traditional grammar textbook, lecture approach, and heavy emphasis on memorization.
Instead, it gives students a set of color-coded clue cards and a book of exercises, which together generate multi-sensory activities:


The Winston Grammar Set includes 2 sets of cards (a set of clue cards and a set of manipulatives), the teacher key, and a student workbook - which includes quizzes and tests - in a convenient storage bag.

It is recommended that each student has their own workbook and cards. These are all sold individually.

What I like: The manipulative approach (especially helpful for kinestetic learners), ease of use, and short lessons.

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