Date added: 03/08/2014 Workshop Handouts

Click on any of the links below to download a PDF version of our workshop handouts or slides. We pray these will be a blessing to you!

Project lists for boys and girls - Click here

Homeschooling Distractible Kids Who Don't Like School - Click here

My Tongue is On Fire and I Can't Put it Out! -Click here

Exploding the Supermom Myth - Click here

I Quit- Click here

Homeschooling Boys: The Secrets- Click here

Homeschooling Girls: The Secrets, bible study - Click here

Homeschooling Girls: Thankful chart for girls - Click Here

Homeschooling Girls: Thankful chart for boys - Click here

I'm German and I Have PMS - Click here

Servanthood 101: Teaching Kids to Serve- Click here

Homeschooling on a Shoestring Budget- Click here

Can I Pay With My AARP Discount? Encouragement for Veterans - Click here