Mastering Essential Math

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Mastering Essential Math Skills

The best way I can describe these great little books is by comparing them to Daily Grams - but for math, of course. Each of the levels provides a daily drill page for your kids. Each day they will have to complete two speed drills. They are then given 2 sample problems (with explanations in case they’ve forgotten how to do it) to work, and 20 more of the same simple problems. It might be 20 problems of adding simple fractions, or adding with carrying, etc. It won’t be a mixture of functions on a page, though, so the student can concentrate on moving quickly through the 20 problems. The page ends with one word problem which would apply the skill they had just been practicing. The author claims it takes 20 minutes per day, but my kids buzz through it in about 10 minutes a day. My kids are doing this in conjunction with their current math programs, and I see a huge difference in their competence level since they are staying fresh on all their math skills while moving on to new ones.  Mastering Essential Math has two general math skills books and numerous skill-specific books as well for reinforcement and remediation.