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Truthquest History Curriculum, by Michelle Miller, is one of the most valuable homeschool history curriculum/resources I’ve come across. TruthQuest covers world history in 7 volumes, but in a really unique way. Here’s what the author, Michelle Miller, says about history: “…Western civilization has put God on the sidelines of life, so that most history is taught as the story of mankind, as if people were the ‘prime force’ of the universe…How presumptuous!...History has become a dull ‘obligation.’ (No wonder it was so boring!) It should be a personal encounter with the King of the Universe…! It should be one of the most inspiring, personal, real, and intimate topics because it hooks us up with the truths that make life work!” If you are getting excited already, let me give you a warning. TruthQuest is like no other curriculum I’ve seen. It contains no tests, no worksheets, no Q&A, no activities, and no lesson plan. So sorry! I didn’t mean to throw a bucket of water on your fire. But, listen to what else the author says, then I’ll explain some more. She says, “… ‘Ok. So what about Day One. Tell me how I should plan each week.’ Well, that’s up to you. But you mustn’t panic!...You know what’s best because you’re the one who is seeking God for His plan for your family! He certainly doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all plan for His children…Assuredly, I don’t know what that plan is, so what right do I have to schedule your day? Heaven forbid! (Literally!)” Michelle goes on to give you tips and ideas on how to plan your weeks. For a complete description of how TruthQuest history curriculum, please click on the TruthQuest main category. Click here for a handy, printable chart that compares TruthQuest with other homeschool history curriculum.  Also, author Michelle Miller does recommend certain core pieces of literature that span the entire scope of the era being studied.  She refers to these as "spines." I recommend that you keep 2 or 3 spine books available while you are working through each TruthQuest guide to help your student tie all his reading together.  Don't forget to check out our TruthQuest Spine Book category.

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