Fiction is always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing!

I love to read! It is my favorite thing to do to unwind after a tough homeschool day. It is my favorite way to start my day - with a cup of coffee, curled up near a sunny window, and a good book. A great piece of fiction can inspire you and turn your heart toward God.  For example, Safely Home by Randy Alcorn is one of the best fiction stories I've ever read.  It made me examine myself:  am I ready to die for Christ?  Good fiction should not only entertain, it should also make you think. Trying to find good fiction can be difficult, but with the incredible number of talented authors that populate the Christian fiction market, it has gotten easier. Add the many classics and favorites from years-gone-by, and you'll have a hard time narrowing down your choices! Check out some of the selections we have in our fiction library. Most of these books are Christian stories. The ones that aren't overtly Christian are wholesome or classic. Please be sure to read the books before your children do so that you can confidently discuss any "sticky" points! But, most of all, enjoy!