Apologia Science - Junior High & High School

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 Apologia Science for Junior High and High School Students, by Dr Jay Wile

Overwhelmed with the idea of teaching Biology, Chemistry, and Physics? Dr Jay Wile has written these courses of study with you in mind. It is designed with the idea that the student is on his or her own with the course. This means that all of the explanation that a teacher would normally give orally in class is included in the book, step by step. This is also why the course is written conversationally, to make the student feel like someone is speaking directly to him or her. If you want to work with the student and work through the course too, that's great. If questions come up that you can't answer, Apologia provides a free question and answer service. There's information in the front of the student textbook telling you how to reach them. Really, you can do this. 

Dr. Wile is a former university professor. When he began writing Apologia courses he was sure to include everything he would have expected his university students to know when they came to his class. Students who take Apologia courses in junior high and high school should definitely be prepared for college.

Many ask if the laboratory experiments are necessary to complete the course. Lab experiments, properly done, help to reinforce concepts learned through reading. They are also especially helpful for the student who is a kinesthetic learner (one who learns best by doing and touching.) However, they are not absolutely necessary. Scientific concepts can be learned without doing labs at this level of learning. On the other hand, students who intend to go to college will need the lab credits for college admission. Once again, this is one of the perks of homeschooling -- you decide what is best for your student. Apologia has included labs designed specifically so that you could do them at home with minimal equipment, and they are written to make them easy to do or skip if you so choose.

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