Christian Kids Explore Series

Christian Kids Explore science books (by Bright Ideas Press) are always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing!

The Christian Kids Explore Series embraces the journaling method of education. Your student will be led through the process of exploration while learning to record labs/experiments (on an elementary level - up to, say, 7th grade). The book is great for multilevel teaching. By the way, this curriculum is designed for you to do with your kids (which I consider a plus, since it defeats the purpose to bring your kid home to do school if you then send him off to his room to do it by himself...).This is an easy-to-use, thorough,and fun curriculum, but remarkably deep.  I'm using these this year with my 1st and 5th grade students, and I'm surprised all over again at how deep they get - and how much my little ones are learning! (This is my second time through these, as I used them also with my older students a number of years ago.) Each book in the Christian Kids Explore series has beautiful posters for your children to color (mine have proudly hung them on their walls).  We've also made some really great lap books based on the information we are learning in these science books.  (Stop by our booth at your local homeschool convention to see some of our lap books!)