Language Arts

Language Arts curriculum is always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing (when allowed by the publisher)!

Language Arts, to me, is the most important foundational homeschool subject you can give your child.  The art of language:  reading, writing, and speaking.  If you can give these to your child, he will then have the tools to learn anything else! Because I can read well, I have been able to fill in all my educational gaps and to teach myself a myriad of new skills. With properly-honed writing and speaking skills, your homeschooled student is poised to influence his world. The Language Arts programs in this section cater to different styles of learning and methods of education insuring there will be at least one that will work for you and your family.  For additional help, click here for a handy, printable chart that compares all the different programs at a glance. (Please note that many publishers do not allow us to discount.  If we are allowed to discount it, it will be discounted.)


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