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If you've never read a Genevieve Foster book (published by Beautiful Feet), then you're in for a treat. These books are wonderful. Foster has this unique approach of teaching history horizontally - not just focusing on one character in one location, but looking at all the events and characters of a particular time period all over the world, and examining how they are all interconnected. So, when studying George Washington for example, Foster weaves a story of the world around her central character; including stories of scientific discovery and invention, music, literature, art, and religion. She has a knack for telling stories that will especially interest her youthful audience. Beautifully illustrated with line drawings and detailed timelines, Genevieve Foster books (published by Beautiful Feet) are a wonderful resource to add to your homeschool history library. Written for grades 4-8, but with appeal to a wider age range. I love these books! 

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