Explode the Code

Explode The Code  by Nancy M Hall

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Explode the Code was recommended by several of our customers. Here is an overview for this resouce.

Explode the Code provides a sequential, systematic approach to phonics in which students blend sounds to build vocabulary and read words, phrases, sentences, and stories. Frequent review of previously learned concepts helps increase retention. Each workbook in this series contains exercises that incorporate reading, writing, matching and copying. The consistent format of the books helps facilitate independent work.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go for the Code  Grades K -1

Explode the Code      Grades K - 4

Beyond the Code     Grades 2 - 4

What I didn't like:  First, let me say, this is a good program.  The concepts are solid.  What I didn't like with the Explode the Code books is that the illustrations are sometimes confusing for my little kids.  They are illustrated with Dr. Suess-style drawings.  For example, when my son thought he was looking at a cat (and answered the question accordingly), we found out it was actually a fox - and thus, got it wrong.  For that age, the pictures need to be a bit more straightforward - especially if the exercise isn't just being illustrated by the picture, but is dependent on identifying the picture.  Apart from this, it is a great program.