God's Design Science (Answers in Genesis)

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God’s Design Science Books -  Answers in Genesis - Debbie and Richard Lawrence

In 2009 Answers in Genesis redesigned and rewrote the entire God's Design series...and they are amazing! The differences between the new series and the old are as follows:

  1. They are in full color (gorgeous!) all throughout the book.
  2. The actual teaching text has been divided (in each lesson) for the various grade levels (the first few paragraphs are for the younger students, the next few paragraphs with vocab are for the older students, etc.). They have expanded the grade levels to now include grades 1 - 8.
  3. The tests, quizzes, and activity sheets have been removed, as well as the answer key, master lists, etc. These tests/quizzes/activities are now sold in a separate “glue pad” (with tear off sheets). There is 1 glue pad per 3-book set (the glue pad would have all of the activities and tests for an entire 3-book series).
  4. More lab activities have been added to the text book per unit.
  5. There is now a separate teacher’s book that contains a CD copy of the glue pad worksheets as well as the answer key and master supply list. (If you have the CD, you don't need the glue pad.)
  6. The teacher's book is an essential component to the program.

God’s Design authors, Debbie and Richard Lawrence approach science from a biblical worldview, emphasizing God’s handiwork in the world around us and showing how real science supports biblical authority and the Genesis account of creation. Each book in the series has approximately 35 lessons, making it possible to complete 2-3 books per year. When you sit down with one of these books, you’ll appreciate the engaging, conversational style of presentation - sort of like sitting down with the professor for a good chat.   Here’s another bonus: These books are well-suited to multi-level teaching (you can all go out for ice-cream with the money you just saved). The God's Design books remain among my all-time favorite homeschool science books (there are four 3-book series).  They're thorough, easy to use, and the kids enjoy them as well.


  God's Design for Life

  •   The Animal Kingdom
  •   The Human Body
  •   The World of Plants

  God's Design for Heaven and Earth

  •   Our Planet Earth
  •   Our Weather and Water
  •   Our Universe

  God's Deisign for the Physical World

  •    Heat and Energy
  •    Inventions and Technology
  •    Machines and Motion

  God's Design for Chemistry and Ecosystems

  •    Properties of Atoms & Molecules
  •    Properties of Matter
  •    Properties of Ecosystems