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Homeschool Supermom Not Combo

Homeschool Supermom...Not! Combo Set

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This 2-book set includes "Homeschool Supermom...NOT!" and it's companion, "Come to the Garden." For details on these 2 books, please see the individual titles. In the meantime, the set gives you both books at a reduced price.

  • Personal Encouragement
Schoolhouse Publishing

In my 10 years of homeschooling, this book is on top of my best list of books to read. Everything Susan wrote about hit home with me. This will be one that I reread over and over. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book!

This set of books has rapidly made it to my "must-have" collection of favorite books on homeschooling. The Supermom...Not! text is a wonderful combination of both hard-hitting advice from a seasoned Christian homeschooling mom and grace-filled wisdom that feels like it comes from a close friend. Each chapter in the book (with coordinating journal pages) took me over a week to do. There is plenty of meaty information in the text and thought-provoking questions throughout both the book and journal. I found this book combo to be more about examining my own heart, motives, and character than about the actual experience of homeschooling my kids. Susan doesn't refrain from addressing areas of sin and weakness in our own lives, but approaches it in such a way that you feel refreshed and encouraged in your personal walk with the Lord. Homeschool Supermom...Not! is also chock-full of great advice for both the new and seasoned homeschooler from someone who has "been there---done that." I found the suggestions within the pages to be practical and very helpful no matter the size of your family or style of homeschooling. The author's willingness to be transparent about her own life and homeschooling experience makes you feel as if you are understood in this amazing, yet often difficult journey of homeschooling. It takes away the isolation and doubts that many of us feel; yet hesitate to really discuss with others. We are left knowing that even through our trials and struggles, God really can use our experiences to bring us closer to Him and become more of a reflection of His heart-changing power to others.