Critical Thinking and World Views

Critical Thinking and Worldview curriculum is always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing!

Have you ever looked longingly at all those intriguing worldview and logic courses out there, recognizing the need for your kids to be equipped to logically defend their faith, their standards, and their decisions? You want your kids to be able to see through the propaganda around them and the illogic of their peers. If this is your thinking, then you’ll want to check out the selection of books offered here.  I've used just about all of them with my own homeschooled kids, and can honestly say these books helped to equip them to defend their faith and to see the world through a biblical lens.  Of my graduated kids, all of the ones that went on to secular colleges and schools maintained their witness and their faith throughout their schooling and are to this day following hard after God.  I truly thank God not only for His abundant grace in my kids' lives, but for wonderful resources such as these that have helped to prepare them to face life in the 21st Century with confidence.