Professor in a Box

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 Not every student has a desire to go into traditional higher math, but prefers to pursue other branches of math - such as business math and accounting. Such was the case with my son, Ben, who plans to own his own business in a few years. A business degree is the new "liberal arts" degree.  A business degree is so foundational in many college programs.  Currently, people with accounting degrees are in great demand. So, I went on a search to find an accounting program. I had certain expectations - a main one being that the program utilized 21st century technology. Every course that I looked at taught business math and accounting using old-fashioned ledger books. What?! Who uses those any more in the business world? What about Excel, QuickBooks, and other tools of the 21st century?! So began my search. I was delighted to find the new Professor In A Box. Created and taught by Villanova U Professor Michael Licata PhD (a top-rated teacher in a top-rated school AND a homeschool dad), PIAB gives you everything your student neeeds to learn 21st Century business math, and it includes a guarantee that your homeschool student will be able to CLEP out of the matching college math course!  So, invest now in order to save time and money later!  It's a win-win-win! 

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