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Thomas Edison for Kids

Thomas Edison For Kids

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Thomas Edison for Kids: His Life and Ideas. 21 Activities by Laurie Carlson.  Homeschool subjects covered: Science, Inventions and Inventors, United States history.

Thomas Edison for Kids provides a unique approach for your homeschool student to study history:  by actually doing it.  If you are studying inventors and inventions or famous Americans, why not actually tie your science in by actually having them do some of the same experiments Thomas Edison did?  It's a brilliant idea!  

This book not only provides the biography of Thomas Edison, as well as the history of his many inventions, but it also gives step by step instructions for more than 20 activities (including a dancing puppet that moves with static electricity).  

"Thomas Edison, one of the world's greatest inventors, is introduced in this fascinating activity book. Children will learn how Edison ushered in an astounding age of invention with his unique way of looking at things and refusal to be satisfied with only one solution to a problem. This book helps inspire kids to be inventors and scientists, as well as persevere with their own ideas. Activities allow children to try Edison's experiments themselves, with activities such as making a puppet dance using static electricity, manufacturing a switch for electric current, constructing a telegraph machine, manipulating sound waves, building an electrical circuit to test for conductors and insulators, making a zoetrope, and testing a dandelion for latex. In addition to his inventions and experiments, the book explores Edison's life outside of science, including his relationship with inventor Nikola Tesla, his rivalry with George Westinghouse, and his friendship with Henry Ford. A time line, glossary, and lists of supply sources, places to visit, and websites for further exploration complement this activity book."

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