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Gods Design for Chemistry Set

God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology Set

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God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology Set  Debbie and Richard Lawrence

In this God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology  Six book Set, you’ll explore acids, bases and salts, and have fun with food chemistry in the kitchen! In this complete chemistry & ecology curriculum for grades 3 through 8, your children will study the molecules, matter, and ecosystems that make up our world and learn about the tools of science, the scientific method and the periodic table of elements. 105 lessons. Full-color

The Set Includes:

  • Properties of Atoms and Molecules
  • Properties of Atoms and Molecules Teacher's Supplement
  • Properties of Ecosystems
  • Properties of Ecosystems Teacher's Supplement
  • Properties of Matter
  • Properties of Matter Teacher's Suppement
  • Science
Answers in Genesis

I have become a real fan of the “God’s Design” science series since I first started using them. We’ve previously used these versatile texts for studying zoology, botany, geology, meteorology, and physics – wow! Last year I acquired the three-book subject set for chemistry and ecology, and we worked through two of them. In first semester, we studied Properties of Atoms and Molecules, and in second semester we studied Properties of Matter. The books are so easy to use and teach from, great for teaching more than one grade at a time, and very adaptable. We don’t do every experiment and activity in the books, but we do most of them, and I really appreciate that the activities are usually not overly time-consuming, and they use easily obtainable materials – almost always things that I already have in my home. It’s all presented from a Biblical worldview, and there’s lots of practical and everyday applications as well. My plan for next year’s science is to do the third book in the set, Properties of Ecosystems, and then do some further study on ecology and biomes.