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Writing Fiction in High School

Writing Fiction In High School Student Workbook

Does your teen love to write stories? Does he or she want to be a positive Christian influence in the world through fiction? Sharon Watson, author of Apologia Press's popular middle school writing curriculum JUMP IN, offers Writing Fiction [in High School], an exciting, new textbook specially designed for your homeschool, private school, or Christian teen. Writing Fiction [in High School] is written to the student in a conversational tone and requires only minimal parental/teacher guidance. It's packed with literally hundreds of age-appropriate, real-fiction examples from classics, best-sellers, and movies so students can learn how to write their own intriguing short stories or novels. Your students will study and practice essential elements of storywriting and learn to critique their own work and classmates', too. In addition, they'll discuss important ideas about fiction in their groups formed from class members, co-op classes, or friends.
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Writing Fiction In High School by Sharon Watson.

Do you have a student who loves writing stories? This course by Sharon Watson would be an excellent choice to build and hone that student's writing skills. I can honestly say this is the most uncomplicated thorough course on fiction writing I have yet seen.

I'm so impressed with this course! It is both teacher- and student-friendly. If you aren't familiar with Sharon Watson, I'll tell you that she herself is an excellent writer. Obviously this makes her courses interesting and not as "text-bookish" as many high school level courses. She has a wonderful way of drawing her students in, using examples from classic and current literature and movies.

This course is also written from a biblical perspective. Sharon is all about motivating and encouraging her students. Her assignments and examples will appeal to her audience.

Sharon uses popular literature/movies as examples. It is helpful if you are able to incorporate these into your studies. Your kids will enjoy the opportunity to read and watch these examples of great fiction. And, that's just one more reason why this course is so teen-friendly.

The course includes several different options to tailor it to your student. You can stick with the general course. There is an additional manuscript track for students who have written or are writing a manuscript. And finally, there are lots of suggestions to using this course in a co-op setting. It would make a GREAT co-op course!

Writing Fiction In High School provides enough material and assignments for one year of creative writing, and includes a nice amount of grammar as well.

If you would like to borrow, invest in, or rent the additional recommended literature/movies for this course, here is the list (for your planning purposes):

  • Movie: Princess Bride
  • Movie or book: Holes
  • Book: Last Book in the Universe (available through Schoolhouse Publishing)
  • Movie: Iron Man
  • Movie: The Italien Job
  • Movie: Wall.E
  • Movie: The Island
  • Movie: Cast Away
  • Movie: Up
  • Movie: Tangled
  • ...various other scenes and short stories available online 

The set includes a teacher's guide as well. Although the course could probably stand alone, I believe you will find the teacher's guide to be an invaluable help. Besides the answer key, it also contains a lesson plan, discussion questions (especially for the various literature excerpts and movies), and teacher helps. 

Both the textbook and teacher's guide are non-consumable.

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