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A+ Tutor 5th Grade Math Standard

A+ Fifth Grade Math Standard Software

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A+ Fifth Grade Math Standard Software for homeschool students.

One of the biggest challenges homeschool moms face is teaching subject matter to their children that they themselves never understood. I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every mom that said to me, “I was horrible in math. I don’t remember any of it. When my child gets past 4th grade, I’m done. I’ll have to put them in school.” That’s where A+ Tutor Software comes in. Ladies, it’s like having a math teacher right in your own home! It’s a truly wonderful full math curriculum for grades 1-8 on your computer!

I tried 3 different lessons, start to finish, on the Standard 3rd grade level and the algebra level. A pleasant, grandmotherly voice instructs the student in a short audio presentation (3-5 minutes) which is accompanied by an “animated” computer presentation (such as arrows pointing to the denominator, etc.) AND the script of the lesson is scrolling off to the side. Your student is receiving his math lesson in three learning modalities - audio, visual, and text. After the short lesson, your child is presented with an interactive “worksheet” with instant feedback (“You are correct! You are doing an awesome job!”). If your child gets the problem wrong, the teacher immediately explains the problem with step-by-step instructions. This creates a learning environment for greater comprehension and understanding, because you can see where comprehension is low and immediately remediate. Even if your child got the problem right, but felt it was a lucky guess, he can click a button to have the problem explained to him. These quizzes aren’t timed, so there is no pressure. Your student can take as much time as he needs. The lessons each contain only a handful of problems (perhaps 3-5). I love that there isn’t “twaddle” in this program. If your student “gets it,” he can move on. All the worksheet/quizzes in the software can be printed out into an actual full-curriculum consumable workbook (approximately 400 pgs per level) if you desire.

I was impressed with how the grandmotherly narrator consistently repeated math terms and formulas in her presentations. She did it in such a way, that it wasn’t repetitive, but rather a natural and appropriate use of mathematical language. Because of this, you won’t be hearing, “Mom, I forget. What’s a denominator?” Your child will also have formulas gently drilled into his head as. The narrator will cleverly restate the formula throughout the lesson: “Ask yourself a simple question. What number multiplied by itself 3 times will give you 27? As you can see, a 3 multiplied by itself 3 times is 27 so 3 * 3 * 3 = 27. That is why we say 3 is the cube root of 27.” Did you catch that she restated the ‘formula for cube roots’ three times just in that one problem? Remember, while she is talking, those numbers are sliding onto the screen, being hilighted with color, arrows pointing at them, etc. Brilliant, eh?

The folks at A+ Tutor have thought of everything! Your software includes lesson plans, exams, parental guides, solutions (with step-by-step instructions). Printable reference sheets provide easy access to facts, formulas, and diagrams. There’s an electronic calculator built into the program, accessible with just the click of a button. You can even utilize their free placement test on line.

As I mentioned above, the entire course can be printed from your computer - a nice optional feature if your student prefers pencil-and-paper work. For your convenience, though, we are carrying already-printed, spiral-bound editions of these workbooks. I am thoroughly impressed with the thoroughness, ease of use, and friendliness of A+ Tutor! Suddenly, homeschooling just became easier!


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