Stewardship and Personal Finance

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Did you know that Jesus taught more about the subject of money than alomost any other subject?  And if the love of money is the root of all evil, doesn't it make sense that we should be teaching finances and wise stewardship to our homeschool students?  Why not give your homeschooled high school student the financial education you never received, using "real" books.  Use these as your core math curriculum for the year, or supplement your current math curriculum.  Either way, you'll be equipping your child for life and for eternity! 

A Man Who Loved Money
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Softcover, 24 Pages

A Man Who Loved Money by Kyle Butt A Man Who Loved Money  tells the story of the rich, young man who asked Jesus what one must do...

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Money and Taxes in a Micro Business helps you to grow your business.  Imagine having a business that has grown so large that you have to actually pay taxes! After you have started a micro business and run it for a while, you may wonder…


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Money Matters for Kids
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Softcover, 64 pgs, 9780802446350

Why not give your student the financial education you never received, using “real” books.sound financial training at a young age. Money Matters for Kids uses fun activities and exercises, money expert Larry Burkett explains the basics in a way kids can understand. He covers stewardship, tithing, generosity, spending, saving and investing, budgeting, trusting God, and more.

Softcover, 120 pgs, 9780802463456

Why not give your high school student the financial education you never received, using “real” books. My evaluator accepted this as a partial credit in math in one of the state-recognized diploma programs! And the best part is, my son has acquired useable math concepts that’ll equip him for life and for eternity! The Money Matters text and Money Matters work books each stand independently of the other. The text book discusses financial philosopy, while the workbooks give hands-on experience. The two books together (the text plus a workbook) make a complete curriculum. 

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