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Write Your Roots

Write Your Roots

A one-year project for grades 5-12 that is easy because it is a series of short stories. The stories are based on real facts, so less imagination is necessary. The worktext is divided into 30 steps, which is designed for one step per week, which fulfills requirements for a full year of English composition. Each text has three sections: learn, practice/prepare and apply. If your child can write a short story, he is ready for Write Your Roots. During the year the basic student will write 12 stories that will be revised and tweaked several times for excellent writing.
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Write Your Roots
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Write Your Roots   by Carole Thaxton

We found another fun writing program that can be used as a multilevel curriculum. It’s called Write Your Roots. It can be used as an entire language arts program or a supplement to your current program...but I’m getting ahead of myself. This book helps your student to research and write about his family roots. I assigned 3 of my kids to research 3 different grandparents. Each is creating a wonderful keepsake book. But best of all, they’ve had opportunity to strike up email relationships with Grammy and Pop-pop as they work together on these assignments. If you see us at one of the conventions, stop by our booth and I’ll show you their accomplishments! The book leads the student (grades 5-12) through doing research on their family tree. Next they are led step-by-step through the writing process, learning to organize their research, develop sentences and paragraphs, polish their grammar/spelling/vocabulary skills, all while creating a wonderful family keepsake. Everything is laid out in an easy-to-follow format with daily objectives and assignments. What I like: This book is well-written and fun. It’s easy to use, and the end result is so wonderful that it keeps the kids (or at least some kids motivated to the end). It encourages relationship between kids and grandparents (or other relatives). There is so much to like about this book! What I don’t like: While my daughter is loving this book and is having a blast interviewing Grammy via email, my two sons (ages 11 and 14) are enjoying hearing from their Grandpops, but (as is typical for boys) they don’t like putting their findings into story form - another battle! Obviously that’s not the fault of this curriculum, and I’ve had less battle over this than with some other writing assignments. It’s not really fair to even list this as a fault!

Published by KONOS Connections, Write Your Roots can supplement your current curriculum or can serve as your entire language arts curriculum for all your secondary students for the year. Notice that it’s intended for grades 5-12, but my child who is enjoying it the most is my 4th grade daughter! Go figure! You only need one manual for your family; however it is designed to be consumable and you don’t get photocopy privileges. We, however, have typed all our stories directly onto the computer, and so we haven’t used the forms in the book (which is why we only need one book for the whole family). 

  There is also a Teacher book available for Write Your Roots.

226 pgs
4 - 12
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