Thinking and Logic

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Perhaps you think it strange to include thinking and logic in the category of language arts.  I have found that thinking and logic skills are core to any homeschool language arts program.  After all, it is hard to speak well or write well if you can't think well.  It's hard to comprehend what you are reading or to identify fallacies in what you are reading if you can't think logically or don't even realize when you've fallen victim to propoganda.  That's why we've put together for you these wonderful resources to teach your student how to think and reason.   

An SHP Favorite!, Softcover

This is homeschooling at its best. Here is a book that gives your student real-life skills. If you've ever wondered if your child would have learning gaps that would cripple his future, well, worry no more! "Research in Increments" teaches your students how to write a research paper. Armed with this skill, your child can study anything, learn anything, and know how to present it. This one book applies to any subject matter, be it history, science, social studies, literature, or Bible. If neither you nor your child has ever written a research paper, you need not be concerned. "Research in Increments" breaks the process down into simple, logical steps that can be accomplished in as little as ten minutes a day.

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