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The Power in Your Hands

The Power in Your Hands Teacher's Guide

This teacher's guide provides much more than just answers; it also includes an assignment checklist; objectives for the course; evaluation forms/rubrics; advice on grading, including extensive information on how to earn an "A, B, C," etc.; how to help students self-edit; guidelines; methods; monthly 14-minute "power surge" exercises; and other helpful teaching information. Answers are provided, and arranged by lesson and practice number. They're line-listed with the questions provided, and the answers in italics.

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The Power in Your Hands Teacher's Guide by Sharon Watson

The Power in Your Hands course can be used completely independently, but Sharon Watson has also added components to make it co-op friendly as well. The Power in Your Hands is designed for any high school student: reluctant and unskilled writers as well as gifted writers. And, though it can stand alone, the teacher's guide is an invaluable resource as well. It contains additional work/discussion for co-op settings, helps for the teacher, the answer key, detailed checklists to help you grade your student's writing, and an entire second year of writing projects! These writing projects (called "14-Minute Power Surges") are just plain fun. The idea is that after you complete the course, your student can spend the second year fine-tuning and honing his skills in a non-threatening daily writing project. He would choose one of his completed "Power Surges" per week to proofread, edit, and have graded. You could also use these daily "Power Surges" concurrently with the course, but that's not how they were designed.

Here is what one student said about The Power in Your Hands: "This course was one of the most entertaining and useful classes I took all year, if not one of my favorites from my entire high school career." Now, that's high praise indeed!

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