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Story of the World Volume 1

Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times

Story of the World Volume 1 explores ancient times from the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor (4000 BC to 400 AD). 
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Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times

by Susan Wise Bauer

Story of the World Volume 1 explores ancient times from the Earliest Nomads to the Last Roman Emperor (4000 BC to 400 AD). 

Story of the World, Volume 1, is written for kids in 3-6 grade, but have a wider appeal as a basic reader even for older students. Volume 1 covers ancient times from the "earliest nomads to the last Roman emperor. Susan Wise Bauer's "Story of the World - History for the Classical Child" is generating lots of interest among homeschoolers. This series of books is well-written and my kids found them appealing. Bauer takes the child through the entire history of the world in 4 volumes through short vignettes of famous people and events. Your kids will learn a lot. The books can stand alone as history readers, or you can purchase the activity books. I used mine to supplement our studies in Mystery of History. What I don't like: Though written from a conservative point of view, these books do not go out of their way to include Bible history or to show the providence of God throughout history (though they don't ignore it either - these are not revisionist history). For example, the first lessons, rather than starting with creation and the descendants of Adam and a global flood, starts with 2 short lessons on "early nomads," then heads right into ancient Egypt. Chapter 6 introduces us to Abraham of Ur and Joseph. So, depending where you stand, you might appreciate the way these books try to present history "fairly." If you are looking for a more inclusive look at God's providence, you might think these books are weak.

"Story of the World, Vol. 1" is a recommended spine book for a couple of TruthQuest guides: "Ancient Greece" and "Ancient Rome." Though not specifically listed, it would work very well with "Ancient Egypt" as well. Remember, in TruthQuest history, no single book is "required," however, there are a number of books that are referred to to create an educational/historical spine in which your student can "hang" all his new-found knowledge. If you are using TQ history, you may find it helpful to include one or two of these in your study. This book would also provide support for Mystery of History 1 and 2.

338 pgs
3 - 6
Peace Hill Press

We have used all of the Story of the World volumes as a part of our My Father's World curriculum. We have found these books to be great! They are very entertaining as well as very educational. My children have a very thorough understanding of the History of the World from these books. We used them as read alouds but they would be great for upper elementary to read on their own. They were easy to read aloud and the chapters were just the right length. Highly recommended!

My family has so far used SOTW volumes 1 and 2. We've used the audio CD's, text booklets, and activity books. My kids (ages 8-13) have really enjoyed the narrative format of the books when I read them aloud. They also like listening to the CD while traveling or on days when my voice needs a break from doing more read-alouds! I normally have my younger children work on the coloring or activity pages they've selected and let the older ones do the map work. The oral comprehension questions found in the activity book are great for work on narration. l like using the test booklet in that they are short, but encourage my children to pay greater attention as they know a test will follow each chapter. I have also used the the story text and tests for assigned individual work. My older children can easily read the history text and then take the tests themselves. I also like using the audio CD's to help my struggling readers. They can listen to the chapter while following along in the book and look forward to doing so. One of my daughters (11y.o.) really enjoys reading the volumes just for pleasure and recently completed Volume 3. She can't wait until I order Volume 4 so she can read that---for fun!