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Scripture Sleuth 1

Scripture Sleuth 1 Concord Cunningham

It has been said that one can find the answers to all of life's mysteries in the Bible. The Word of God is sufficient to meet all our needs. Finding the answers requires at least a basic knowledge of the Bible. The concordance is a topical index of key words that lead a scholar to appropriate Bible verses. It is a valuable tool to finding answers in the Word of God.Concord Cunningham is a boy who has discovered this tool and uses it to solve mysteries in his community. His success brings him acclaim, and a reputation as a Scripture Sleuth. Readers will be challenged to solve the mysteries without the advantage of a concordance, but Concord Cunningham will reveal the source of the answer in Scripture. This is the first of a series.
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Concord Cunningham, The Scripture Sleuth 1

by Mat Halverson

Concord Cunningham, The Scripture Sleuth 1 (Focus Publishing) - Are you ready to catch villains, solve puzzles, and crack cases? Grab your Bible and get ready to Scripture Sleuth with Concord Cunningham! Concord, a “Tweener”- aged boy, investigates a new mystery in each chapter. But, instead of revealing the solution at the end of the case, Concord gives readers a Bible verse to find. The verse holds the final clue to that chapter’s mystery, so readers must open a Bible, find the verse, and look for the clue to crack the case. The solutions are at the back of the book. Readers will realize that God’s Word is living, active, and able to help out in any situation. The author of the Scripture Sleuth series, Mat Halverson, is eager for young readers (3-7th grade) to discover how to find God’s answers to life’s questions in the Bible. I was so excited when I discovered these books. They are well-written and my kids (ages 7, 10, 12, 14) are begging for more! We are doing them as part of our family time. My 7-year-old loves the stories but she often has trouble with the analytical leap from the “concrete” case to the “abstract” of applying a Bible verse to it. My 12 year old son was skeptical about these books at first, because the cover photo portrays Concord as a 6-year old (the book character is obviously older than that) – and Stephen was sure it would was “beneath him” - but, after he got past the cover, he’s been begging for more as well. Each Scripture Sleuth soft-cover book is about 112 pages long and contains 12 mysteries to solve. These Kemmerer-family favorites are highly recommended!

95 pgs
2 - 7
Focus Publishing

The Scripture Sleuth series fills a wonder spot in the early reader boy category. The books are well written and hold the student's attention. Even our 'reluctant' reader looked forward to receiving the next installment in the series! The series is just as the name implies: solving mysteries using Scripture. Not only does the hero continually save the day, but he brings Scripture in to solve each case.
PS - Our girls enjoyed them as well! :-)