Schoolhouse Academy Homeschool Classes

 Welcome to Homeschool Academy with Susan Kemmerer. I'm so glad you're here! My hope is to make your homeschool endeavor a little easier by offering certain classes, and thereby encouraging your heart. You are not alone in your homeschool journey, Sister.

All classes are designed for mature junior high- or high school students. A ten percent discount will be given to any family registering for three or more courses (whether that includes one student taking 3 courses or several students from one family each taking a course for a total of 3 or more courses). For more information on classes being offered for the year, click this link, which will take you to a printable document detailing each course: Classes for 2019-2020

To register your student, fill out the form and click the boxes (below) of the classes that interest you, then click 'submit.' No money will be collected at this time. I will get back to you as quickly as possible confirming registration and tuition (which is owed before or on the first day of class). If desired, tuition can be paid by credit card on the first day of class.



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