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Patriotic Penmanship Transition

This new series by Mary Ellen Tedrow, is just wonderful! Patriotic Penmanship features a traditional D'Nealian script, elegant and classic.  These consumable workbooks teach penmanship in such a logical manner.  Using famous quotes and Bible verses, your student is first introduced to an entire quote.  A portion of the quote is presented as copywork. Your student then copies words and phrases from the quote several times, and finally the entire sentence.
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Patriotic Penmanship Transition by Mary Ellen Tedrow

Patriotic Penmanship Transition - What's unique about this handwriting book? You will find both manuscript and cursive on the same page. 
Parents tell us that their children can write cursive but simply don't know what they have written. In other words they can't read their own cursive. Now your students can figure out how to get to the cursive letters from the manuscript letters. Help them stop being confused. 

Along with handwriting practice and helping straighten out the confusion, this book will give them good wholesome quotes! 

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