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Write the Novel Way

Learn to Write the Novel Way

Learning to Write the Novel Way utilizes a holistic approach to writing that actually motivates the student's creative impulses. Designed for students in grades 5-12, the course incorporates writing a complete novel, a full year's worth of English Comp with weekly lesson plans, grammar skills learned within the context of authoring a book, teamwork, and the joy of a finished novel.
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Learn to Write the Novel Way

by Carole Thaxton

Learn to Write the Novel Way...About 12 years ago I wrote a correspondence course for some students on writing fiction. I have intended, for years, to put the course out of my file, format it and have it printed. Well, now I don’t have to, because with Learn to Write the Novel Way, Carol Thaxton has done it so beautifully - much better than I could have done! She has broken down the fiction-writing process into logical, gentle, very thorough - and even fun - steps. Within the assignments she has tucked in lessons on basic writing (sentences, paragraphs), usage (punctuation, capitalization), spelling, grammar, and more. Her assignments are interesting and innovative. By the end of this complete language arts course, your 5-12 grade student will have produced an entire novel! I love this program!

What I like: The way Carol turned a language arts course (typically boring) into a practical, hands-on writing project. Brilliant! I so heartily agree that the study of language arts should never be disjointed from its actual application.

What I don’t like: The book is designed to be consumable. We did the assignments in a seperate notebook so as not to consume it.

A Teacher's Key is also available.


218 pgs
5 - 12
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