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Teaching geography and history through activities and projects is one of the reasons I love these subjects!  They just lend themselves to this kind of fun!  The resources here will take your history program and help it to come alive - easily.  (Obviously none of us need to be overwhelmed with more "stuff" in this busy season of life!)  It's as easy as cooking a historic or ethnic dish, trying your hand at an art project from another country or a craft from the past.  Even easier, watch a DVD, play a game, or put together a puzzle.  Check through these resources for some fun ideas.  These also make great gift ideas (just pass your wish list on to the grandparents).  Spark your history and geography,and save money at the same time.

Tree in the Trail
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Softcover, 64 pages, 9780395545348

Tree in the Trail - The history of the Great Plains and the Santa Fe Trail is told in text and pictures by focusing on a cottonwood tree and the events that happen around it. "The story of a cottonwood tree that watched the pageant of history on the Santa Fe Trail where it stood, a landmark to travelers and a peace-medicine tree to Indians, for over 200 years." -- Booklist


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