Early Elementary Curriculum

Early elementary curriculum is always discounted at Schoolhouse Publishing!

If you are looking for great homeschool curriculum for your early elementary student at discount prices, then you'll want to browse through the selection here. We've used just about every program listed here, and will explain to you the strengths and weaknesses of each. If you are looking for a particular method (classical, Charlotte Mason, textbook, or unit study), you'll find it here.

Softcover, 100 lessons, 9781933339443

First Language Lessons, written by Jessie Wise (co-author of The Well Trained Mind), is essentially a day-by-day, word-for-word, activity-by-activity script for the parents. It contains everything you need for 1st grade: memory work, stories, copy and dictation work, narration, and grammar. It even contains reminders to praise and encourage your child! 

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