Creation Science

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I think Creation Science is one of the most important sciences you can teach your homeschooled child.  If the advent of evolutionary theory triggered the moral and spiritual slide in our country, then being well-grounded and confident in Creation Science should be a priority for every homeschool student - especially those heading to college.  All of the programs in this category will build your student's foundations, help him to see the Creator's hand in the world around (all of creation speaks of Him!), and equip him to defend His faith in our almighty God. 

DVD, 9780971455252

A theory is a set of organized statements which attempt to explain something.  Darwinian evolution is a scientific theory.  That’s because it’s falsifiable.  In other words, it can be critiqued; observations can be made and conclusions drawn – based, of course, on the accepted rules of the scientific process.  Any science theory must be tested, and the rules of the test phase are that it must be demonstrable, observable, and repeatable.


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