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Many believe that if they can just find the best homeschool curriculum, or the apply the perfect educational method, or implement the ideal organizational chart, their homeschool will succeed.  In over 2 decades of homeschooling, I have found that although these are all helpful, it's my soul that will make or break my homeschool.  As the old saying goes, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."  Mom sets the tone for the whole homeschool experience.  When I'm impatient, selfish, sarcastic, mean, angry, or feeling sorry for myself, my homeschool quickly deteriorates.  If I'm growing in the areas of patience, gentleness, joy, and kindness, my homeschool thrives even if my house is a wreck and my curriculum is of yardsale quality.  The books in this category have been helpful to my soul and to my kids' souls, building our foundations in the Lord.  Spend some time strengthening your soul, and the rest will follow!   

Give Them Grace
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Softcover, 213 pgs, 9781433520099

Give Them Grace is a guide to help Christians parent their children with grace and an emphasis on the cross. How are parents to raise children so they don't become Pharisees (legalists) or prodigals (rebels)? It's all about grace-filled, gospel-driven parenting, says the mother/daughter team of Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson. Christian parents, in their desire to raise godly children, can tend toward rule-centered discipline. There is, however, a far more effective method- a grace-motivated approach that begins with the glorious truth of God's love for sinners.

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Rescuing Ambition
$11.95   $7.17
Softcover, 224 pgs, 9781433514913

Dave Harvey is calling for a rescue. He wants to snatch ambition from the heap of failed motivations and put it to work for the glory of God. To understand our ambition, we must understand that we are on a quest for glory. And where we find glory determines the success of our quest.

Has your God-given ambition been starved and sedated for too long? Are you ambitious? It’s time to reach further and dream bigger for the glory of God.

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