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A Praying Life by Paul Miller

A Praying Life

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A Praying Life By Paul Miller

I’ve always struggled to develop a meaningful prayer life.  This book takes a real look at conversing with your friend and lover, almighty God.  How encouraging to hear a prayer warrior confess that he can’t pray for 3 minutes without his mind wandering!  You mean I’m normal??

Miller offers a practical real-life approach to prayer for busy families. His honest, down-to-earth advice shows you how to practice praying in the midst of daily routine. A Praying Life is not your typical theological tome.  It is interesting, full of vignettes you can relate to, and written on a level that even your teens will understand and enjoy. I even found myself laughing out loud throughout the book! You'll learn to pray like a child, live your Father's story, understand unanswered petitions, and more. A Praying Life includes tips on using tools such as prayer cards and journaling. 

  • Personal Encouragement

I am almost finished reading this book. It is on my list of life changing books. I highly recommend this!