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WG Basic Card Set

Winston Grammar Basic Card Set

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Winston Grammar Basic Card Set

Winston Grammar Basic Card Set.  Have you ever asked your student, “What’s an adjective?” Their response: “Uh, I don’t know.” Do your kids prefer hands-on work? Then WG may be the program for you. I’ve had each of my kids do one year of WG. WG uses a unique manipulative approach to grammar. Though not a complete language arts course, this is a great way to cement grammar for the year. Grades 5-7 (or higher). You get 2 sets of cards (a set of clue cards and a set of manipulatives) It is recommended that each student has their own workbook and cards, and I would agree. We are also carrying the advanced program (a 2-year program for grades 8 and up), the interim program called Winston Word Works (grades 6-8), and a supplemental workbook for the basic program.

What I like: The manipulative approach, ease of use, and short lessons.

By clicking on this option, you are purchasing only the manipulatives card set (despite the picture, which shows the entire set)

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