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Unit Studies Made Easy

Unit Studies Made Easy

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Unit Studies Made Easy: A Guide to Simplified Learning at Home  

by Valerie Bendt

Unit Studies Made Easy was one of the first books I read way back in my early days of homeschooling. All I knew was that my textbook method wasn’t working. So, I tried unit studies. Back then it was expensive to buy a pre-packaged unit study (it still is expensive), so all I could afford was to do it myself. This book revolutionized my homeschool. No matter how many years you’ve been homeschooling, don’t neglect to educate yourself. Discover new methods and ideas with the goal of always improving yourself and your homeschool. If you’re confused as to how you want to educate your child (aren’t we all!), check out this book. Over the years, I’ve read and applied the great ideas in several books, (including this one, "Charlotte Mason Companion," and "A Well Trained Mind") and have settled on an eclectic approach utilizing components of each method...but reading these books motivated and equipped me to do what I do. 

If you want to immerse your child in his studies or build your school year around his interest, then this book will equip you to do so. It’s really NOT hard. In fact, using these ideas is how I created my PA Keystones unit study, which eventually grew into Schoolhouse Publishing! This book has been revised, and now includes 4!! of Valarie Bendt’s books in one big volume: How to Create Your Own Unit Study, The Unit Study Idea Book, For the Love of Reading, and Success with Unit Studies - and more!


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