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Uncle Tom's Cabin Progeny Press Study Guide CD

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Uncle Tom's Cabin Progeny Press Study Guide CD by Kimberlee Foley with Michael Gilleland,

for the book by Harriet Beecher Stowe

This Progeny Press Study Guide assists in reading and comprehension for your student as he reads through the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin". It will give a  synopsis of the book, as well as background information on the author, and the historical setting. Activities include comprehension questions, character studies, critical thinking exercises, scripture application, vocabulary, puzzles, essay ideas, and project ideas. An answer key is included with each guide. This is a re-producable CD, making it convenient for multiple children within your family.

About "Uncle Tom's Cabin":

Uncle Tom's Cabin is the classic story written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852. It was the top selling novel during the 19th century, being the first book to sell more than a million copies. Abraham Lincoln, when meeting Harriet, said that she was the woman responsible for starting the Civil War with her book. The story follows the life of Uncle Tom, a slave who is separated from his family after being sold from one master to another. Whether the story depicted slavery accurately or not created huge debate prior to the Civil War, firing strong feelings on both sides of the issue. For grades 9-12, this book makes an excellent addition to the study of US History.

Grade Level 9 - 12

9 - 12
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