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Triceratops Dino Dig

Triceratops Dino Dig

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Triceratops Dino Dig from GeoSafari.  Homeschooled subjects covered: dinosaurs, geology, paleontology.

Triceratops Dino Dig combines two things all kids enjoy:  dinosaurs and digging.  These fun kits from GeoSafari turn your kids into young paleontologists.  Each kit comes with a complete dinosaur skeleton in "fossilized" rock.  Your homeschool student will have fun using the included tools to excavate and assemble his/her dinosaur.  A 32-page guide is also included.  In many ways these guides are nice.  It includes information about the dinosaur being excavated, an opportunity to take notes about the dinosaur, instructions on how to assemble and display the dinosaur, and even art instruction on how to draw one!  However, I'm sure you won't be surprised that they take the millions-of-years stance.  So, my suggestion is to utilize the information and activities that are necessary or pertinent and discuss, disregard, or study and refute the rest.  By the way, these digs have won three different awards.  The "rock" is actually farely resilient, and it kept Caleb busy a LONG time to dig out the bones.  He loved it!  The dinosaur models are impressive.  This kit was a big hit! 

Kit includes one dinosaur model in "rock" plus archeologist tools and instructions.

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