Truthquest American History Young Students 3

TQY3 Truthquest American History for Young Students III



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Truthquest American History for Young Students III ( 1865 - 2000 ) by Michelle Miller

 From the Wild West to World War II...from the Wright Brothers to the Vietnam War...from the Arctic explorers to the heartbreak of September 11...this last guide introduces your children to the dramatic people and events of our recent history. But this is no humanistic study, for our real focus is a gentle probing of the spiritual upheaval of the period. Our children are inheriting a different world, and this guide subtly prepares their precious, innocent, and vulnerable hearts.

 Ideal for Grades 1 - 4, however literature selections are appropriate for upper grades as well.

Here is a sample of TruthQuest American History for Young Students III:    TruthQuest American History III


We had used Beautiful Feet Books' Primary American History course, which covers Explorers-Civil War. I wanted something to follow that up for young children, which was hard to find. This was it! I went to the public library each week and chose a few books to go with the current topic; I didn't necessarily use the books recommended by Truthquest, because they were sometimes hard to find. I read them aloud to the kids, and the older kids read extras. We kept a notebook alongside our reading using History Through the Ages timeline figures. It was a great year for $30! But... I love American History, and doing a little of my own research keeps me motivated. If you don't have time for regular trips to the library, this might not be the curriculum for you.